Yoshikazu Matsuhana talks about re-imagining MGS1

June 11th, 2011 by John

In an interview with Eurogamer at this years E3, Yoshikazu Matsuhana discussed the reasons why MGS1 was omitted from the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

Obviously, we wanted to include it and make it a complete collection. However, as you know, Metal Gear Solid 1 was for the PSone. It has a very, very low polygon count

Were doing two and three with a certain work flow where the goal is to take that game, preserve it and introduce it to a new generation. We cant really take that approach with Metal Gear Solid 1 because its very dated at this point.

Hm, so the only thing keeping MGS1 from being a complete collection is the lack of MGS1? You heard it here first, folks; the MGS3:Subsistence versions of Metal Gear 1 and 2 will be part of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection!

But seriously, I understand his reasoning. While MGS2 and 3s character models look somewhat like human beings, MGS1s looks like stick figures playing dress up. Updating the game to 1080p resolution would be the equivalent of buying an expensive size-two lingerie outfit for Jack Black.

But why not just do what the Japanese version did and package a download code for the PSN version of MGS1? More bang for the consumers buck, and the gap between PW and MGS2 wouldnt be so hallow for players who have never played MGS1.

But Kojima Productions isnt completely giving up on the idea of a HD MGS1 just yet.

If we were going to do Metal Gear Solid 1 wed want to take more time with it. Not just up-res the textures, not just make things look pretty and polished, but go back and tweak some of the gameplay, tweak the story to update things and do it properly. Not just a re-master but a re-imagining almost.

Now before any of you start a shit storm, read this;

We do want to do that sometime down the road but it will take more time. Its not something were looking at doing right now.

Its all hypothetical. But still what if it actually happened?

Well, how I would feel depends on what they mean by re-imagining. If they mean something like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, where the game had a similar premise to the first Silent Hill but is drastically different (and non-canon to the main series), then it could be really cool. But given that the subject was about MGS1 not being part of the MGSHD Collection, thats probably not the case. Im horrified by what tweaks they may make to the story.

He also mentions changing the gameplay, but if this game is meant to be a replacement for the original MGS1 like many are fearing, then Id like to see how they could do that without retconning MGS4, which copied the same basic layout of Shadow Moses in Act 4 (theres a reason why most of the enemies you fought there were scarabs.) As The Twin Snakes has proven, modern gameplay with older level design just doesnt work.

I hope this gets swept under the rug like any bad idea should.

SOURCE Eurogamer

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More E3 News: MGS3DS gameplay, and MGSHD screenshots

June 10th, 2011 by John

A few more bits of news from E3 2011. First of all, screenshots! For both Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection*!

As these comparions show, the games in the HD Collection look much cleaner than they were originally on the PS2/PSP. The framerate will also be 60 FPS, which is especially good for certain parts of MGS3.

Konamis Metal Gear Solid Facebook fan-page also uploaded a video of Peace Walker running on the XBox 360. Not much to say here other than it certainly looks smoother. The AI still sucks though (skip to 5:05 to see what I mean.)

Theres one thing about the MGS3DS screens, the E3 2011 trailer, and the shit-quality gameplay video all have in common; they dont look at all like The Naked Sample trailer released last year. Instead, the game looks just like MGS3 on the PS2 but with crouch walking, PWs aiming system (or MGS4s, since you can switch to first-person view mode), and in 3D (which you cant see on your monitor.) So for those that hoped they were putting more effort into the game, well, that isnt the case.

Also, if youre a Playstation Home user, you can dress like a boss with Battle Armor and Konami Code apparel for your avatars!

yeah, Im more interested in awful looking Mii Snakes, to be honest.

And last but not least

Oh go fuck yourselves, Konami. Why cant you take Kazs advice already?

I would bitch about the omission of the MSX games, but then I noticed that MGS4 isnt there either. Why they chose to ignore three major installments and yet still acknowledge something that should be long forgotten (as Kojima clearly has. Deliberately, in fact) remains a mystery.

SOURCE Metal Gear Solids Facebook page, Konamis Facebook pageKonami, the official MGS3DS website

*For now, you can download all of the screenshots from Konami. MGSHD Should be in the third row.

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June 2nd, 2011 by John

Because Konamis terrible at stage shows, they decided to skip that and just make one badass 50 minute video.

Heres a rundown on what was shown;


Proceeding an interview with creative director Yoshikazu Matsuhana 4 minutes in, the all new trailer for MGS3DS was revealed. You can watch it  here.

Custom camos via taking pictures has been added, as well as turning the 3DS to keep Naked Snakes balance when crossing the bridge in The Virtuous Mission. Other than that, theres not much to say here. Its MGS3 in 3D.

Oh, and more Nintendo easter eggs.

Moving on

Mark MacDonalds interview with Hideo Kojima begins at 31:44, with a hilarious Mega64 sketch. Heres what was revealed;

MGS and ZOE HD Collection Announced!

Both Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders will be getting HD collections for the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft XBox 360. No, Im not shitting you. Its coming to the 360. Im as shocked as you are.

The features listed includes;

  • MGSHD Collection will come with MGS2, MGS3, and MGS Peace Walker. Yes, PEACE WALKER. ZOE HD Collection will obviously have both ZOE games.
  • Not an emulator! Optimized and rebuilt specifically for the PS3 and XBox 360 (I still cant get over that. That was completely unexpected.)
  • New user interface created exclusively for HD resolutions.
  • Redrawn high-res 2D art, effects, and fonts.
  • Trophies and achievements!
  • Takes advantage of the PS3/XBox 360s right analogue stick and force feedback.
  • Supports Transfarring.
  • Improved audio quality.

This is awesome. My PS2 is now worthless.

At least this puts the lol pw was made 4 psp cuz kojima <3 ps3 and h8s hexbox theory to rest.


Now before you think wait, PW is being ported to consoles? My PSP is worthless now!, chill out. You remember that Transfarring crap I mentioned earlier? Thats the gaming without borders idea Kojima was kicking around a little before Peace Walker was released. You can transfer games from consoles to portables in just a few seconds. Impressive stuff!

At first, it can only transfer Peace Walker from the PSP to the PS3, and vice versa. Step 2, as Kojima describes, would be to transfer PS2 Classics from the PS3 to Sonys upcoming Next Generation Portable.

But this is Kojimas ultimate dream; full fledged PS3 games on the NGP.

So, I guess MGS4 on the NGP isnt so unlikely after all. On HIDERADIO, Kojima was only asked if the game would be ported, not transfered. Assuming things go the way Kojima dreams they will, and if we do actually see PS3 games Transfarring-able to the NGP, this could be considered another minor outbreak of trolling from Kojima.

Transfarring is a Playstation exclusive feature (the logo is absent on the box of the 360 version, as Kojima pointed out.)


Kojima also dropped hints at Metal Gear Solid 5, but said he had nothing to show for now. He did, however, reveal the FOX Engine, a multiplatform proprietary game engine which Kojima hopes will shorten development time and be the best. Footage can be seen at around 51 minutes in. Needless to say that it looks awesome.

According to Kojima, work on this started a little after Metal Gear Solid 4 was released (more than three years.) He also said that this engine will be used for an upcoming unannounced game.

So I guess Kojimas new IP really is still in development and Kojima was just emo about something else. That makes me happy. Very happy. I cant be mean spirited about any of this.

Other small bits include RISINGs target release date being 2012 (by the way,  Raidens character model can be seen in his idle animation on one of the monitors during the interview, which is pretty cool), and a brief interview with Shinkawa at around 47:46, talking about the art direction for the game (basically MGS4 but more futuristic) and, at the end, said hes working on something new.

Overall, I was genuinely surprised with this years E3. I was expecting another extreeeeeeeme Rocky Horror Show. As always, Kojima saves the day.

SOURCE  - Gametrailers

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Kojima to win Honorary Award

June 1st, 2011 by John

Kojima has proven himself to be an honorable man in the eyes of the Academy of the Arts and Interactive Science.

Hideo Kojima, one of the most influential creators in the videogame world, will be presented with the Honorary Award by the Academy of the Arts and Interactive Science at Gamelab 2011, the Spanish Games Conference and Expo.  He is receiving this award for his influential contribution to the  merging of  different arts like literary writing, movie visuals, music excellence and innovative technologies into video games.

The event will take place from June 29th to July 1st. Those that live near Barcelona, Spain can still buy a Conference ticket for now, so hurry up before it gets sold out!

SOURCE Gamelab 2011

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Kojima will not be appearing at E3

May 30th, 2011 by John

One of the questions Kojima was asked on HIDERADIO was Will you appear at the Microsoft E3 press conference? Which was answered with a simple no.

Im assuming the person that asked that question was a Sony fanboy thats butthurt that Rising will be released for the XBox 360 even though Metal Gear was never really a Sony exclusive franchise. Why the Microsoft conference specifically? Is he that concerned about whether or not Kojima would grace Microsofts unworthy stage? Why not just ask if hell be at E3 at all?

Thankfully, Kojima answered that question anyway on his Twitter which, sadly, is another no.

Since I decided not to go to E3, I made an interview video hastily. Asked Mr. Mark MacDonald (former editor at EGM/ to be an interviewer.

But what about the two games he was planning to announce?

Well, I guess thats where the interview with Mark MacDonald comes in. Im assuming the video will be shown at Konamis pre-E3 press-conference to make up for Kojimas absence. I doubt Kojimas trolling us with lol konamis pre-e3 press conference technically isnt part of e3 so ill be thar ^_^, otherwise why would he need to hastily make an interview since [he] decided not to go to E3?

Now the question is, what will he announced? It looks like The Taboo Project went down the toilet much like most flight attendants dignity and rights, which makes me want to throw a fucking tantrum. Oh well, lets all get excited for Metal Gear Solid Not 5: War Walker.

SOURCE Hideo_Kojima_EN

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Kojima answers questions on HIDERADIO

May 28th, 2011 by John

On the latest edition of HIDERADIO, Hideo Kojima answered some questions fans asked about either E3 or upcoming Metal Gear games. All the answers are either yes or no, because after all, there are two sides to every issue. One side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.

Will you appear at the Microsoft E3 press conference?

Kojima: No

Kojima said everything he needed to say about Rising at last years Microsoft E3 Conference; he basically said I have fuck arr to do with this, then he got the fuck out.

Will you announce Metal Gear Solid 5?

Kojima: No

My first thought was huzza! But then I realized Kojima could just be trolling and the next MGS game may as well be called Metal Gear Solid 5, but it wont have a number at the end, sort of like Peace Walker.

Will Metal Gear Solid 3DS be released at the end of 2011?

Kojima: Yes

We already know this, but okay.

Is Doctor Lautrec the new title from the Metal Gear staff?

Kojima: No (laughs)

Never heard that rumor before

Did Kojima Productions Not Work on Metal Gear Arcade?

Kojima: Yes

Not even Kojima Productions cares about that game.

Is Gray Fox the main character in Metal Gear Solid: Rising?

Kojima: No

Case closed. Now shut the fuck up. Its obviously Sunny.

Will MGS Risings multiplayer be shown?

Kojima: No


Is MGS Risings release date November 1, 2011?

Kojima: No

Okay, this is just stupid. Why that date specifically?

How about November 5th?

Will Metal Gear Solid 4 be ported to NGP?

Kojima: No

And another one bites the dust.

The video that this rumor originated from is still impressive though. Id like to see what Kojima Productions could do with this technology for an original game.

Are you planning something big for Metal Gears 25th anniversary next year?

Kojima: Yes

Ooooooooh. Now what could this be? Im not even going to try to guess. Well see.

Overall, other than the last one, these questions sucked. Kojima probably wanted to avoid leaking any new information so he just picked the most useless ones to answer. Well Ive had enough. If you can think of better questions than these, head on over to our forums.

SOURCE andriasang

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Metal Gear reference spotted in Goldfishs We Come Together music video

May 26th, 2011 by Ravi Singh

South African band Goldfish released a pixelated music video that is more or less a tribute to video gaming with references to Sonic the Hedgehog, Angry Birds, Pitfall and of course, Metal Gear Solid among many, many, many others.

I looked deep within the video to try to find anything else besides that cardboard box simply labeled as THE ORANGE from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. I saw a guy who could be a strange looking Gillian Seed sitting at the bar in the Smooth Jazz Club but its probably just wishful thinking on my part. I did find an Easter Egg but it ended up being a reference to the Xbox 360. Who knows though, perhaps I missed something.

As for the music? Not entirely my sort of thing. The video however is pretty fun to watch as it is loaded with pop culture references, most of which are of course video game related.

LINK Goldfish We Come Together (OFFICIAL)

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MGS Fan-Art Contest Winners Revealed!

May 26th, 2011 by John

A few months ago, Kojima Productions announced a KP Fan-Art contest, giving fans the opportunity to show off their talents. Today, Konami uploaded the ten winners to their Facebook pages.

Heres a rundown;

1st Place: Raiden in a coat. In a snowy forest. Yeah, I dont get it either. Still cool though.

2nd Place: Raiden again, about to pounce on an unwitting soldier (The Pain? Jonathan?) who was about to masturbate to is that Raiden on the cover?

3rd Place: This looks sweet, but why is Big Boss wearing Snakes Shadow Moses gear?

4th Place: A nice Shinkawa-inspired drawing from A.G., the guy who runs Metal Gear Forever.

5th Place: Raiden in the Old Snake position.

6th Place: Were cosplay pictures approved in the rules or is this drawing just really damn good? Either way, Amandas pretty hot in this one.

7th Place: Created by The Snake Soup member Ron!n. Cant really think of anything to say besides wat.

8th Place: Four Snakes. Two solid, one naked, one old. Its a fucking sausage fest in here, but I like it.

9th Place: Raiden cutting shit up. What is it with you people and ninjas?

10th Place: My personal favorite. I like to call it Stoned Snake. Drawn by Terry Wolf from META Gear Solid.

HIDEOBLOG also posted a few more pictures that didnt make the top 10 with all but one drawing involving Ninja Raiden or RISING somehow

Its a shame my wonderful rendition of Big Boss for MGS Social Bros wasnt even mentioned. Oh well.

Anyway, congratulations to everyone who won!

LINKS MGS Official Fan page (Facebook), HIDEOBLOG

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The Gaming Liberty Interviews Quinton Flynn

May 21st, 2011 by John

Fangirls, turn on your vibrators! Earlier today, The Gaming Liberty published an interview they did with Quinton Flynn.

The topics discussed includes how he got in his line of work, his other roles, his experience with voice-acting for animation and video games (he explains the difference), and of course, his role in the Metal Gear franchise.

In this excerpt, he talks about his reaction to the fan backlash towards Raiden in MGS2;

Back then I was interviewed by Konami (I think) and I was quoted as saying something to the effect of ‘I wasn’t aware that there was any kind of conflict’. But I soon became aware that there was a ‘for’ and ‘against’ when it came to Raiden. I didn’t know why.

But it’s exactly like what you said. Everyone was used to Solid Snake from the first game. That’s what everyone was expecting for the second game and then this new character popped in and started to dominate. There were a lot of people upset but there were a lot of people who were really thrilled about it who were able to adapt. I would also say that it also brought in a whole new wave of gamers who would not have otherwise played the game before.

For those that dont know what that new wave refers to, heres a quote from the MGS2 Grand Game Plan;

With Raiden (someone appealing to women), instead of Snake, as the main character, we will have a character in which women can more easily empathize. He is the antithesis of the older, hard-boiled image of Snake.

Yup, Raiden exists just so Kojima could create an AXE effect with the game. And you thought he was just trying to break boundaries in conventional video game storytelling. Pfft.

But its not over yet! This is only part one of the interview. Part two will be published tomorrow (May 22nd), where Flynn will explain, in detail, why he feels he wont reprise his role as Raiden in MGS:Rising.

Should be interesting. Stay tuned!

LINKS The Gaming Liberty

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Kojima talks with Nomura about a Final Fantasy VII remake

May 18th, 2011 by John

Oh, whats that? You desperately want Kojima to remake the MSX games because you cant stand 2D graphics/reading/Big Boss being a bad guy? Well tough luck. Kojima has shown little interest in doing so. Apparently, hes more focused on a seemingly pointless remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 for the 3DS. So for the time being, youre stuck with some good ol old school gaming goodness. Deal with it.

However, Kojima seems perfectly fine with trolling another Japanese game developer, Square Enixs producer/artist Tetsuya Nomura, by passing along fanboy demands (posted via Twitter) of another highly demanded remake. I am, of course, talking about Final Fantasy VII, which has been hailed as one of the Playstations most awesome games, along with Kojimas own Metal Gear Solid.

Other things he passed on were demands for the rushed release of Kingdom Hearts 3DS and a fifth Secrets of Mana game. One fan wanted Kojima to ask Nomura about making a new Zelda game. wat.

No one knows what else they talked about, but Im sure it involved things and stuff.

LINKS andriasang

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