A Conversation With Hideo Kojima To Be Held At The Smithsonian

February 26th, 2012 by John

We like making fun of Hideo Kojima allot, but in all honesty, its always great to hear him talk about his experience making games, and his design philosophy. Check out some the stuff in our Specials section to see what I mean, especially his GDC Keynote, or the Making of MGS4 stuff.

Or, better yet, somehow break into the now sold out event at the Smithsonian American Art Center, A Conversation With Hideo Kojima on March 17, as part of the Smithsonians The Art of Video Games exhibit, which Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 is part of.

Hideo Kojima is considered one of the most important and innovative video game designers of his generation. Best known for the Metal Gear series, published by Konami, Kojima introduced a new cinematic style of video game that blended narrative, character development, and artful graphics. Join us for a fascinating conversation with a video game design master and The Art of Video Games curator, Chris Melissinos.

Hopefully someone will record the event so people like me who dont live anywhere near Washington DC can see it.

Source The Smithsonian American Art Museum

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