Hideo Kojima explains the meaning of the Ogre Project

February 26th, 2012 by John

Hideo Kojima once said that his next game will either be MGS5 or something new. So whats it going to be, Kojima? Loyalty to your creativity or loyalty to your business? To yourself or to Konami? A new IP or MGS5?

Both, apparently. While a new Metal Gear game is obviously going to happen, it wont be at the expense of his new project (which has been called the taboo project, the devil project, the ogre project, and the oni project) like I feared it would.

Kojima recently tweeted his explanation for the projects name;

Oh BTW, my Ogre Project doesnt mean a game like a ogre nor a game create w/ soul of ogre but a game w/ the use of ogre.

I dont get it either. Who said the game would be like an ogre or have a soul of an ogre? Ogres dont have souls, so of course a game disk couldnt contain an ogres soul.

I guess hes saying that you dont actually play as an ogre/devil/demon/oni, but the gameplay will involve the use of ogres/devils/demons/oni. Thoughts of Old Snake using Metal Gear Mk.II to scout areas and knock out PMCs in MGS4 come to mind, or maybe its more like Minda from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

While details are still sketchy, the project seems to be coming along well enough; hes been checking out its progress, along with Risings chip-chop gameplay.

The cycle might be broken, gentlemen! Only time will tell.

Source andriasang

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Any game Hideo makes will be worth it. Hideo needs a break from Metal Gear, fans will get over it eventualy. Cant wait! just dont make it as hard as castlevania lol. Love ya Kojima Pro.

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