Metal Gear Online to shut down in June

February 14th, 2012 by John

I remember back in the summer of 2009, when I was new to the series and refused to watch any extensive gameplay videos of the singleplayer of Metal Gear Solid 4 beyond a few glimpses of some trailers. Instead, I mainly watched videos of Metal Gear Online which, to me, looked like the coolest online game ever. Shooting from a prone position? Being able to play the game, in all its next-gen HD glory, while listening to Theme of Tara via the in-game iPod? CQC only games? This looks awesome!

After an hour of downloading and twenty-something minutes of installing, I sucked. But it was fun! And I managed to be awesome sometimes. Sure it had its flaws, but it really was the only multiplayer game on the PS3 that held my interest (I never really got into Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2.)

But, if Metal Gear Online 1 for MGS3: Subsistences one-year life span was any indication, its untimely demise was inevitable.

Today, on Valentines Day, Konami announced that Metal Gear Online as we know it, will be shut down for good on June 12th, 2012.

As regular MGO players mourn the loss of one of their favorite pastimes, Konami will be making all the expansion/Codec packs, and all Reward Shop items, absolutely free on April 24th. Hopefully this will mean a big spike in DLC map servers so I can get a fucking chance to play them more often. I blew $20 on that shit and barely got to play on any of them.

For now, though, let us give a warm salute to Metal Gear Online, faults and all.

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P.S. Dear Mr.Wolfe, Im still waiting for that part on The Community. Then again I cant really think about what there is to write about except the typical lol online gaymerz r stoopid arguments. Maybe you could change it to Longevity and poke fun at how the games getting shut down while TF2 is still going strong and is now free-to-play.

Thanks for your description. I really like to read it Martha

RIP MGO. it was a good run. my buddy and i played religiously when MGS4 came out, and eventually gave up once everyone started lag switching and whatnot. maybe well hop back on one more time before they shut down for ole times sake.

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